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What is the Competition?

This is a standard Stroke Matchplay competition.

The competition is played by two players against each other. Handicaps and scoring apply as to each player as per a normal Matchplay competition. The winner of each hole is the player with the lower net stroke score. If each player’s net stroke score is the same, the hole is halved. The winner of the most holes wins. If the score is even after the scheduled 18 holes additional holes are to be played until the deadlock is broken. This is done in a ‘sudden death’ manner – first to win a hole wins.

Who can Enter?

  • This competition is a Men Only competition.

  • Players are to use the designated tees of the day as determined by the club at which the match is played on the day of play.

  • All entrants must be financial or life members of the Maccabi Golf Club at the time of entry.

  • All entrants must have a valid GA handicap at the time of playing each round. The GA handicap and Slope rating on the day of the competition is to be used for the calculation of the daily handicaps for each player.

  • The competition will accommodate a maximum of 64 players

  • Entries close on May 28th at 5pm


How will the competition be run?

Players are to arrange their matches as follows:


  • Choice of venue: Matches can be played at any venue that the players can agree on. The only proviso is that the venue must have a Slope Rating.

  • Costs of playing: Where players decide to play at a course where one or both players are charged a green fee, the green fees are to be borne equally by both players.

  • Responsibility to arrange: It is encumbered on both players to contact each other as soon as the round starts.

  • The Committee will determine the draw for Round 1.


  • Cannot play:

  1. If a player cannot play the match before the due date the other player will win with a walk-over.

  2. If neither player can play the match before the due date the Match Referee will determine the winner by a coin toss.


  • Results:

  1. The due date for the communication of results to the Match Referee is 9pm on the day the round is to be completed.

  2. The emails are to be sent to or

  3. If no result is provided or if no advice of a walkover is communicated to the Match Referee by the players by the due date, the match will be decided by coin toss by Match Referee.

  • Match Referee: The Match Referee is Rob Goldstein


  • Round Completion Dates:

      o Round 1                              4th July 2021

      o Round 2                              8th August 2021

      o Round 3                             12th September 2021

      o Quarter Finals                  17th October 2021

      o Semi Finals                       14th November 2021

      o Final                                    5th December 2021


Handicap Calculations:

  • Each player is to determine his daily handicap based on his GA Handicap and the daily Slope rating of the course/tees they are playing on the day of the match.

  • All matches are to be played from the club allocated tee of the day. These are usually black, blue or white. Some courses offer yellow tees in addition to their regular men's tees. These are not considered the tees of the day unless they are the ONLY mens tee available on the day of play and are not to be used by any player. The exclusion of the yellow tees is for this match play event.

  • The player with the lower handicap (Player A) is to play the competition of scratch (Handicap =0). The player with the higher handicap (Player B) is to subtract the handicap of Player A from his own handicap and he plays off that handicap.

  • The holes where Player B gets strokes are determined by the Matchplay rating of the course (not the stroke rating). Where the course does not have a Matchplay rating, take advice from the starter at that course and play in accordance with that advice.



  • Any dispute before, during or after a match should be referred to the Match Referee (Rob Goldstein) for consideration. The Match Referee may refer disputes to the Match Committee if he deems it appropriate. The decisions by the Match Referee and/or the Match Committee shall be final. The members of the Match Committee will be appointed by the Maccabi Golf Club Committee.


Etiquette and other Matters:

All R & A Rules of Golf (for match play) apply. All contestants should be familiar with the rules and the penalties for the breaching thereof before playing Individuals score cards cannot be kept or entered for handicapping as the competition allows for concessions and uncompleted holes.


When conceding putts (or holes) to an opponent, be clear and concise. If you are in doubt, do not pick up your ball until after you have asked your opponent if he is conceding the putt to you.

This competition does accrue Order Of Merit (OOM) points. The winner of the competition gains automatic selection into the Presidents’ Cup Team.


To speed up play it is customary practice for players to pick up their ball once it is impossible for them to halve the hole.


An online spreadsheet will be created to communicate with Maccabi members. The sheet will include

  • the nominated contact details for communication for the purposes of running this competition,

  • Golflink numbers,

  • Match results and

  • Other relevant information.


Entrants agree to their information being handled in this manner.

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