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Maccabi Golf Victoria Club is the home for Jewish golfers in Victoria. The club hosts many events throughout the year

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Membership benefits:

Access to 12 Month 'Maccabi Cup' competition
Access to members only Maccabi Golf Victoria events


Maccabi Victoria Golf Club Membership Registration:


Golflink Handicap Registration (optional)

Golflink Handicap Registration Instructions – If you would like Maccabi Golf to host your Golflink handicap you’ll need to register by clicking the link below. This will take you to the Golf NSW Social Club registration page. Use the dropdown menu to select NSW Maccabi Golf Club and proceed with the registration process.  You will need to pay Golflink their fee. Once complete, an email comes through to Maccabi Golf for approval. If you have registered and paid with the Maccabi Golf club your Golflink application will be approved and you will be emailed a Golflink handicap number.  If you’ve previously had a Golflink number you can transfer your history to Maccabi but you will get a new number.  If this is your first Golflink number you will need to submit 3 score cards that have been played by the rules of golf and scored by someone that has a current handicap. Please ensure the following details are provided;


  • Golf course name

  • Tees used

  • Date played

  • If you score more than 4 over on a hole you don’t need to complete that hole. You can pick up your ball.


Send your three completed score cards to and your handicap will be calculated.  

You are welcome to take photos with your mobile phone, they do not need to be scanned.

Once you have your handicap you will need to enter in the local competition at the course

you are playing if you want your card to be added to your scoring history and count towards

your handicap.


Do not send your cards to Maccabi Golf.

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